Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tip #24

Some nights I was at my home office and just stare at the computer screen wondering what will come to mind to write about. I will flip to Facebook and see what my many friends are writing about and more often than not it is just a bunch of quotes which people are passing on. While I am a lover of quotes and I believe the quotes are a great source of inspiration from many learned and accomplished people. I would love to see more people writing their own quotes and passing on their knowledge and inspiration in wall is true that we can learn from these great people, I remember listening to Mark Victor Hansen many years ago during one of his seminars, where he suggested that people should write their own quotes and that you should write one quote a day and that if he took his advice in a very short period of time you would have your own quote book to pass on to others. I have taken his advice and although I have not done it every day I have certainly amassed a very large database of my own quotes which I posted my office every week. Patients love to come and MC with the quote of the week is and this has helped me pass on information in a passive way and has built celebrity not only inside of my office but many of my quotes have been published in local newspapers and magazines.I pass this little tip on and hope that you will give it a try. In the beginning you might find it hard to do with the more you write, the easier it will get. This is also a great way to practice condensing your thoughts into short little blurbs which your patients will find humorous and fascinating animal get them thinking about what you've said throughout the day and who knows maybe someday someone will be quoting you. Now that's cool


Tip # 24

On yesterday's radio program-"the chiropractic business school" I spoke about how to think like an entrepreneur. I believe that this is the one quality which eludes many doctors of chiropractic and in fact is an element which many do not even want to have knowledge.

When you go into business, you are an entrepreneur. You have taken the leap from employee to employer are and although only one letter has changed in the two words, everything changes in the way you must now view, think of, and run your business. You're no longer just a doctor. You are a business owner and the job of a business owner is to make money in order to keep their business running.

In order to help my friends, I have created the chiropractic business school which although now in its infancy is gaining momentum in the field and building a steady following of clients who wish to learn the aspects of running a successful business.

Today's blog is gonna be very short. In fact I'm going to keep it to one line-that is "you will never succeed in business unless you learn how to promote."

Now you really didn't think I was going to stop there did you? I think there's a lot of confusion about the difference between promoting and advertising. Advertising is something you do in the newspaper or on a billboard in is a very passive way to bring patients into your office. You put the ad that and you hope that they will do the work for you.

When you promote, you do the work for your words and for your actions is a very hands-on approach to bringing the business to you. When you think about successful people and you wonder how they got the business that they have it is because they have become very good at promoting themselves and what they do and the key is that they believe in their product and they believe in themselves and then let people know what they do and how they can help them with the services and the skills that they have. While that was a long line and a lot to absorb so let me put it more succinctly "if you want to be promoted-you have to promote!"

Advertising is a sometimes thing-promoting is an all the time thing and is something which must be done on a consistent and regular basis. When someone gets promoted at work, they are elevated to a new status and to a higher level and in all cases it is the squeaky wheel gets the most oil. So get out there today and start promoting and start squeaking and if you do you will certainly be promoted to a higher position in your community.

That's all for today.

Steve Cagen


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