Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tip #24

Some nights I was at my home office and just stare at the computer screen wondering what will come to mind to write about. I will flip to Facebook and see what my many friends are writing about and more often than not it is just a bunch of quotes which people are passing on. While I am a lover of quotes and I believe the quotes are a great source of inspiration from many learned and accomplished people. I would love to see more people writing their own quotes and passing on their knowledge and inspiration in wall is true that we can learn from these great people, I remember listening to Mark Victor Hansen many years ago during one of his seminars, where he suggested that people should write their own quotes and that you should write one quote a day and that if he took his advice in a very short period of time you would have your own quote book to pass on to others. I have taken his advice and although I have not done it every day I have certainly amassed a very large database of my own quotes which I posted my office every week. Patients love to come and MC with the quote of the week is and this has helped me pass on information in a passive way and has built celebrity not only inside of my office but many of my quotes have been published in local newspapers and magazines.I pass this little tip on and hope that you will give it a try. In the beginning you might find it hard to do with the more you write, the easier it will get. This is also a great way to practice condensing your thoughts into short little blurbs which your patients will find humorous and fascinating animal get them thinking about what you've said throughout the day and who knows maybe someday someone will be quoting you. Now that's cool


Tip # 24

On yesterday's radio program-"the chiropractic business school" I spoke about how to think like an entrepreneur. I believe that this is the one quality which eludes many doctors of chiropractic and in fact is an element which many do not even want to have knowledge.

When you go into business, you are an entrepreneur. You have taken the leap from employee to employer are and although only one letter has changed in the two words, everything changes in the way you must now view, think of, and run your business. You're no longer just a doctor. You are a business owner and the job of a business owner is to make money in order to keep their business running.

In order to help my friends, I have created the chiropractic business school which although now in its infancy is gaining momentum in the field and building a steady following of clients who wish to learn the aspects of running a successful business.

Today's blog is gonna be very short. In fact I'm going to keep it to one line-that is "you will never succeed in business unless you learn how to promote."

Now you really didn't think I was going to stop there did you? I think there's a lot of confusion about the difference between promoting and advertising. Advertising is something you do in the newspaper or on a billboard in is a very passive way to bring patients into your office. You put the ad that and you hope that they will do the work for you.

When you promote, you do the work for your words and for your actions is a very hands-on approach to bringing the business to you. When you think about successful people and you wonder how they got the business that they have it is because they have become very good at promoting themselves and what they do and the key is that they believe in their product and they believe in themselves and then let people know what they do and how they can help them with the services and the skills that they have. While that was a long line and a lot to absorb so let me put it more succinctly "if you want to be promoted-you have to promote!"

Advertising is a sometimes thing-promoting is an all the time thing and is something which must be done on a consistent and regular basis. When someone gets promoted at work, they are elevated to a new status and to a higher level and in all cases it is the squeaky wheel gets the most oil. So get out there today and start promoting and start squeaking and if you do you will certainly be promoted to a higher position in your community.

That's all for today.

Steve Cagen


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Monday, April 12, 2010

Tip #23

Due to speaking engagements, I have had to take a few weeks away. I have spent a lot of time writing and that is good because it generates new ideas and thoughts. Simply, the act of writing ignites your creative side and allows you to filter and condense your thoughts so they are easily understood.

I get my ideas from many different places; my own experiences, conversations with my wife, our patients, friends on facebook and other social media sites and divine spirit.

My wife (Dr. Nancy) and I are blessed to have the kind of relationship where we spend a lot of time talking. We love top be with each other, we love chiropractic and we love helping others. Today's tip could be written about on many different levels as the art of talking is a dying one.

Everything aside, today's tip is huge and discusses the one and only sure fire way to increase your patient, your ability to create wellness and wealth and how you can become the coolest office in your town.

Tip #23 - Connect with People

Right there is the biggest and most important tip you will ever receive from any mentor or self-help book. Bar none, your ability to connect with people is the single most important factor in achieving success an all areas of life - including your practice and will determine the number of people you are able to convert into patients - lifelong patients.

How you treat and interact with people (your ability to get people to like you) is imperative to your overall success and is a skill which can be learned. Now many seek outside solutions to an internal problem (sound familiar) to solve their practice problems. They look for systems and procedures and new forms and therapies while the whole time they have the answers lie right inside of them. Procedures are great and they are necessary but they are not the answer. Procedures and systems are secondary to you and your ability to create relationships with people. Procedures and forms only streamline the process so you can become more efficient thereby allowing you to serve more people in a shorter period of time however, if you can not convert people to practice members then no procedure in the world is going to help you see more people.

It all boils down to one word - RESPECT.

Your respect for the profession drives your underlying belief patterns about chiropractic which enables you to transfer your vision on to the patient.This is the starting point and as with all things, if you want to be successful, you have to start with step one. If you do not fully believe in chiropractic, its philosophy, and the power of the adjustment, stop right now and do a gut check. For students and new docs, I am going to put this very simply, if you want to reduce your learning curve and propel your office into the higher echelon of cool doc, you have got to OWN IT! That mean you live it and speak about it but not just speak about it - I mean speak about it. You know when someone is giving you a fake smile and people know when you are giving them a fake talk. The art of owning it come with time, practice and study but you can always tell the people who own it, they are the ones who are seeing a lot of people and a lot of families. They are the ones who are speaking and sharing with other docs. Owning comes with understanding. It takes time and requires that you make a decision. What kind of chiropractor are you going to be. Right now decide! Are you going to be a broke ass chiropractor who spends their day with a few miserable people and moans about how people don;t get it or are you going to be a chiropractor who loves going to work everyday where they are surrounded with loving caring people who bring their families in just for the health of it? You can be a Victim Vic, Mediocre Mark or a Cool Carl. You decide. While there are many difference between the three (which I will cover later), the main difference is in the philosophical belief patterns of the three and their ability to connect with people and transfer their visions. But, before you can transfer a belief, you have first got to have one yourself.

To respect the profession means that you hold yourself out as a chiropractor and that you are proud to be one. Again, this comes with loving who you are and what you do. When you own the philosophy and respect the profession you will have reached a milestone in your career and will have slain the one thing which prevents most chiropractors from being successful, namely FEAR. When you own it and it overtakes you body and soul, there is no room left for fear inside of you.

There is only one thing which can conquer your fear and that is respect (belief) in chiropractic and a strong sense of purpose and responsibility.

This respect for the profession filters down to how you interact with people. Ask yourself, why are you doing this? For some reason you chose to spend 9 years in school and hundreds of hours studying for boards. You have incurred massive amounts of debt and why? What are you going to do with the knowledge you now have?

It's cool if you want to do physical exams and ortho tests and the like but again where is the power? The power is certainly not in the exams or the forms or the systems. The power is in you and your ability to transfer your vision to people who are desperately seeking it. People want to know the truth and when you respect yourself, the profession and the people enough, you will speak it to them and they in turn may get it (more later) or they may not but that will not deter you you because you will believe so firmly in what you do and the PHILOSOPHY that you will be unshakable.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tip # 22

As you know, educating patients is the easiest, simplest and most cost effective way to create a new patient referral funnel. If you are someone who is comfortable talking, then do what I do and everyday you will bet referrals from existing patients, who are your best source. They already know you, they like you and you have helped them. By educating them you turn them into referral giants. What I do is once I step foot in my office, I never stop talking, my mouth starts going a mile a minute and it never stops. Let's face it, most people are not going to just refer - it happens but most need education, prodding, reminder, ask, ask, ask, - education prodding, reminder, ask, ask, ask .....

Tip # 22 - Use everything at your disposal to educate

One of the greatest things about open room adjusting is that I get to educate lots of patients at the same time. Basically every moment I am adjusting or my wife is adjusting or we are adjusting together we are putting on a show. We are actors and in this type of setup, our patients are not only the audience but also become active participants.As Jimmy Durante said "everybody want to get into the act." Use that to your advantage and make your patients actors in your play. Make them movie stars in your screen show. Involve them and they will want to be involved.

Here is a simple way to get your patients involved:

Just yesterday I set-up a dedicated computer system in the "hot-seat" area. In our adjusting area we have three adjusting tables and ten seats which are separated only by a half wall. Up until yesterday our patients were educated only by a never ending parade of videos and posters and handouts and talk. Yesterday they got introduced to the great videos we are blessed to receive on a daily basis by our friends on FB. Yesterday morning I saw a very funny video as to why kids need chiropractic. It was sort of a montage of kids from Americas Funniest Videos.

Now some may have only seen the funny - but I saw the potential so I set up a touch screen monitor in the hot-seat area and as patients came in I would walk around and press the start button and tell them - this is why kids need chiropractic. Everyone would laugh hysterically (a great thing to have in the office) and at the end I would ask them if they got it. Whether they did or they didn't I would then get on my soap box and explain how childhood falls, led to subluxation if left undetected and uncorrected would lead to health problems - if not immediately, certainly int he future and then they would wonder where they came from. Everyone got it! Then came the close. Has your child or grandchild ever fallen down or been hit in the head with a soccer ball or slipped on the ice .....? Of course they have - Every child has! Then I would ask if they were going to let their go through life subluxated and suddenly everyone was making appointments for their kids to get checked. They did get it!

Now we are good at getting referrals but suddenly we were on to something. By the afternoon the computer screen had little tic messages hanging off of it people were getting it. New patients were being booked and it did not cost us a dime. We just used what we had.

What is in your office right now that you could use to create referrals. To get your patients involved - involve them in every way possible. Utilize all of their senses. Hand them something, tell them something and show them something. Have fun with them! Use what you already have at your disposal. A computer is cheap and is a great investment. Many people get bored by watching and listening to the clinical end but they never tire of funny.

There are opportunities everywhere - see them - use them - share them.

Here is a link to the video: http://www.facebook.com/drcagen?v=feed&story_fbid=371436377859

Tip # 22 - Use everything at your disposal to educate


Dr. Steve will be speaking at Sherman College Lyceum on May 22nd. I hope to see you there.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tip # 21

Tip # 21 - Keys to a Successful Practice

So today let's talk about a few things you can begin doing immediately to jump start your practice and build it up rapidly.

1. Be a chiropractor

Fall in love with chiropractic and pass the message on at every possible moment. Your level of intensity is what will generate new patients and referrals by the boatload. You can not be monotone in your actions or in your voice. People want to feel your enthusiasm. They want to be set on fire by your passion and they want to know that chiropractic is the best thing they can do for themselves and their family.

2. Get know in your community.

This is one of the simplest, most affordable and easiest forms of marketing and is one which will provide you with many more new patients than an ad in the local newspaper. It is also the longest lasting form of advertising. It is called relationship adverting. Get known as the local chiropractor in your community. It is really a fun way to advertise because what you are doing is going out, having fun and making new friends. People refer to people they know and like. So get involved - it pays off in new patients and friendships.

3. Market and be consistent in all of your efforts

Unfortunately we still have to market ourselves but the truth is - we do. Accept it, and do it. The key to marketing is consistency. It is never ending. Develop a marketing plan and stick to it. The real key to marketing is to market who you are. This will attract the patients who want to be in your office.

4. Educate your patients to be referral machines

Very few patients will refer if you do not educate them about chiropractic and how chiropractic can help. Share the success stories and then teach patients how to share them also. Do your patients know what subluxation is how it destroys life. Do they know it helps children with earaches? Pretty basic stuff. The key is to talk to them on their level. Throw out the doctor jargon (except the word subluxation) and tell them that when the bones are subluxated the bones decay and start closing the little holes where the nerves come out .... Simple is best.

5. Ask for referrals

When a friend asks for your help, do you ever say no? Not usually and your patients are the same way. Develop friendships with them and then ask them to refer. It's so easy to get referrals when you say to a friend (patient) John/Mary, I need your help. (remember, don't be monotone) and then fill in what you need. HAVE FUN WITH THIS!

6. Have Fun

You chose to be a chiropractor so don't bitch about the medical doctors or people not understanding, blah, blah, blah. People will only be as excited as you are. So the key is to just be you. I LOVE to have fun. Whether I am at work or at play, I LOVE to have fun and I carry this over into my practice everyday. My wife Dr. Nancy loves to have fun and so does my super CA and we all give each other the latitude to do so. If I had to go to a boring office which plays elevator music and has patients in a waiting room reading people magazine I would shoot myself. Chiropractic is a celebration of life and when you think of it this way, everyday can and will be a joy. Initially patients come to you because they hear you can help them and they stay because you delivered on their expectation and because they like you. You can have fun and stay professional! I love to sing and adjust and have fun with the kids and tell jokes and give hugs. That is my kind of practice and people flock to it because we make it an experience for them. We are not being phoney, we are being who we are. Our dog is at work with us and we have a big popcorn machine in the office and some may look down their nose at this type of practice but we are having a ball and seeing more people than all of the other chiropractors in town put together. You only have one shot at life - make the most of it.

7. Be organized

I can't stress this enough. If you want to be seeing BIG numbers, then you have to be organized in everything you do - from adjusting hours to paperwork. When you are organized - life is more fun.

At Successful DC, we help chiropractors achieve more fun and higher levels of success than they ever though possible. If you are looking for a coach who has been there and is doing it everyday, visit our website and look into our VIP One-on-One coaching program. It is affordable and is guaranteed to help you develop and reach the levels of happiness you deserve - in life and in practice. www.successfuldc.com

Tip # 21 - Keys to a Successful Practice

Have a great day,
Dr. Steve
Your daily Success Coach

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tip # 20

Well I am back and supercharged. The reason I have not written recently is because I do everything in blocks. I find that is the most productive method for achieving high levels of success because I am able to focus all of my energy on writing or promoting or organizing during the "on" block and I can relax and recharge during the "off" block. Six weeks on - two weeks off. During the "off" time I am still at work because I am a chiropractor 24/7 but since I have so much in play during the "on" periods, the residual effects of what I have done floats me through the "off" period. The off periods also give me time to reflect and review the direction and efforts I expended during the past "on" cycle and allows me the opportunity to alter or redirect my efforts and direction - if needed.

Tip # 20 - Reflect on your Past Successes and Learning Opportunities

Today ends one of my "off" cycles and boy was it needed. During this time I had the opportunity to review my past performances and forge new alliances. I recreated the Ultimate Travel Card - one which incorporates everything necessary to stay current and in regulation with all insurance companies and I created a new seminar company with a great friend of mine - more info on that later.

Every day gives us the opportunity to reflect not only on what we have done but more importantly where we are going. This is where you need a life plan. You life plan is your guide to not only where you are going but it is also your accountability partner one which gives you the opportunity to gauge how well you are moving towards your goals.

where has your life/office plan taken you? If you are not achieving the level of success you deserve from yourself, your staff and your promotions, take a day to review why not. If you need help, ask for it. that may mean hiring a coach (check out my VIP One-on-One Coaching, or you may just need to tweak your office training schedule.

The first step is to really sit down and do a self-analysis and then to move on from there.

Successful DC offers simple solutions for your most pressing problems.

Tip # 20 - Reflect on your Past Successes and Learning Opportunities

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tip # 19

If you did a Valentines promotion, has the excitement died down or are you still receiving calls from people asking if they can take advantage of your special introductory price? Hopefully you are still building momentum and capitalizing off of your past events. The key in marketing is to build momentum and then to keep building it while still capitalizing off of past events. I expect I will still be getting new patients from my Valentines promotion for months to come. Yes, even if the event is long over. I will still honor the promotion and accept new patients and referrals from it.

Tip # 19 - The Promotion is Never Over

Here is an interesting thought, one which first caught me by surprise when I first heard it "you don't get rich from the first visit" and to that point let me assure you it is true. The real reason you are promoting is to get yourself know in your community. THIS will bring you new patients. This is achieved first, by branding yourself in the light you wish to be known. Are you the pain office or the family office? You can not be known as both so brand yourself carefully and create yourself around your brand. You will then need to carry this through in everything you do and in every way you advertise. Your brand is found on everything from your letterhead to your billboard or how ever you promote. People will either buy your brand or they will buy someone else's. Thats cool. You only want those people who are congruent with your brand. It will make you happy and it will make them satisfied. Staying true to your mission and your identity will create fun, happiness and patient retention.

If a new patient calls and asks if you will honor a promotion from last month or last year, say YES, of corse we will. You mission is to adjust as many families as possibly in your community, so stay true to your mission. A complimentary exam or $35 x-rays is only the portal which then allows you the opportunity to educate a person about chiropractic. This simple gesture could translate into a huge income for you (lifetime family) and a lot of good will and referrals. So, think about it - you do not get rich from the first visit but the first visit can make you rich.

Put out promotions, brand them the way you want to be seen and accept them even if they are expired.

Tip # 19 - The Promotion is Never Over

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tip # 18

So Valentines Day is over (as far as marketing and promoting are concerned). Did you flood your office with new patients during this huge promotional opportunity or did you let it slip by? The answer of course depends on whether you were prepared or even knew that this was a huge promotional opportunity and if you did know, did you psych yourself and your team up to take advantage of it.

Opportunity presents itself everywhere. It show up in many different shapes and forms but there is a constant involved here - your ability to recognize it and then to take advantage of it. Before you can take advantage of an opportunity - you have to be prepared. Some opportunities are very visible - like a promotional holiday and others you just have to create; ie: the old patient you see walking in the supermarket who you reactivate. Some come knocking at your door and others you have to seek out. You have to recognize this fact and become good, or let's say great at being able to take advantage of either.

High volume, wildly successful offices are masters of both. They are marketing machines. They not only capitalize on opportunities which present themselves but they also create opportunity - either way, they are prepared.

Tip # 18 - Be Prepared

To prepare for opportunity is a continual effort (note the word effort) and requires that you study and practice. You have to:

Believe that opportunity exists and develop an attitude that if it is not knocking at your door (which it rarely does) you will go knocking at its. As Hannibal said when he was crossing the mountains, "we will find a way or we will make a way." If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. There are very few standouts in any field. you have to want to be one of them means you have to work or prepare harder than the others, you have to work smarter than the others and you have to train yourself to not only see and create opportunity but more importantly, you have to prepare yourself on how to seize it when it show up. That requires significant training in many different areas including marketing, public speaking, computer graphics, writing and communications, sales and selling, confrontational ability, self-confidence, goal setting, organization, future planning, focus, technique, visualization... They have mastered the Creative Principle.

Opportunity often shows up as hard work in disguise. It has been said that when the student is ready - the master will appear. Keeping that in mind let's look behind the meaning - When you begin to study and master the techniques to preparation, your self-confidence goes up and the more you practice what you learn, you ability to greet opportunity will rise or the level at which you grow to will determine the level of opportunity you will be presented with or will be able to see. High volume offices are no better than you are, they are just more prepared so they are trained to see opportunity where you may not be and they have perfected their ability to turn opportunity into new patient appointments.

So how do you create opportunity?

You plan for it and you plan for it well in advance. This is where a marketing calendar come into play. A marketing calendar gives you an outline and an organizational plan. Consider it an opportunity creator. If you do not have one, just email me at drcagen@citcom.net and I will send you one free of charge, just pay for the shipping. This is a $49.95 value, yours free just for asking. This is an opportunity! Did you see it and will you take advantage of it? I am offering 5 of these calendars to the first five doctors to reply to this offer. There are a limited supply and this opportunity will run out when the supply does on on Feb. 14th, 2010 whichever comes first.

So right there in the last two lines were a few tips. I created an opportunity for you and I put a limit on it. But, more than that, if you take advantage of this offer I am prepared to parlay this into another opportunity. If you take advantage of this opportunity, you will see what I am talking about.

Other things you can do to prepare yourself to create and capitalize on opportunity are:

Join a Toast Masters group in your area - They will teach you to prepare, organize and deliver high quality talks.

Read books and listen to motivational books and tapes. Train your mind and your actions for success.

Attend Chiropractic conventions and seminars. This breeds camaraderie.

Learn your scripts word for word. When you have a script and use it you create an air of professionalism and you are always secure in the words both you and your staff are using. This is training!

Create a goal journal and create daily success questions to keep you and your team focused on the mission. The Ultimate Success Journal for Chiropractors is the best tool available. Why waste time and effort recreating a tool which is readily available? www.successfuldc.com

Hire a coach......

The list could go on and on but for today, let's just end here for now.

Tip # 18 - Be Prepared

Successful DC offers high quality, inexpensive success tools and coaching for chiropractors around the world. Visit www.successfuldc.com to learn how to turn your practice into the practice of your dreams.